Tentang Kami

Who We Are & Why We Started 


  Aleeya Zailan 

 Aleeya adalah ketua pegawai eksekutif Avenys Malaysia Sdn Bhd dan ahli lembaga pengarah syarikat.
Dia menerajui semua bidang unit perniagaan dengan minat tertentu terhadap pemasaran dan media sosial.
Aleeya lulus dari University of Auckland pada tahun 2008 memperoleh gelar sarjana dalam bidang pengurusan dan politik.
Dia menikmati perjalanan, memasak, makanan dan menghabiskan masa lapang bersama keluarganya.
She dreams to make effective and affordable skincare for all.   
Avenys started in 2015 and officially started selling in 2016. The brand Avenys comes from a name twist of Aleeya’s eldest daughter “Eva - Ave”. We started this business to offer an affordable, high quality product to the local market, something that was lacking at the time and until now. 
Avenys was born from Aleeya’s deep rooted obsession with skincare that started from a young age.
Having tried many brands over the years, it was decided that it was time to combine the best ingredients and features into Avenys. 
We planned to go slow and steady for the long term by introducing great products that people want. We have sourced and manufactured our products from local reputable suppliers all the way to Korea and Japan.
Always scouring for the best new ingredients and technology.