Mission & Principles - About Us


Providing safe, practical, quality, halal, dermatologist tested skincare solutions for all users to reveal their true skin potential.



Safe Ingredients

We aim to use the safest most effective ingredients in our skincare formulation. We believe that that all users deserve to clearly know the ingredients in their skincare and its effects.


Tried & Tested

Avenys strives to ensure that our products are not only safe because we say so, but independently tested by dermatologists. During the production stages, we also subject our products through pre developmental testing to ensure the highest levels of safety for our users.


Dangerously Effective

We mean it when we say Dangerously Effective. We only make products that work.



Our goal is to educate everyone to simple, straightforward skincare that is manageable, cost effective and sustainable. We won’t “sugarcoat” things to make you think you’ll see results immediately. As with a lot of things in life, change takes time. Enjoy the transition with Avenys is all that we’re asking.



We love having fun when we develop new products. Our R&D team studies and proposes the best ingredients to create products that are better able to address common issues from oily skin to pigmentation.



Let us do our job so you don’t have to worry when you use our products. We will only put to market products that are ready, safe, and proven to be effective.


Natural Ingredients

Wherever possible, we will substitute for the best natural ingredients to formulate our products. At present, 100% of our products contain natural ingredients. We aim for it to stay this way.


Passionately Driven

Avenys started in 2015 and was brought to life from Aleeya’s burning passion towards skincare and beauty. Until today, the same passion drives the whole team at Avenys to continuously deliver the best products for great skin.


Asian Entrepreneurship

Skincare & Beauty has traditionally been dominated by European brands (think France) and more recently the Japanese / Korean brands. Avenys aspires to be the new leading Skincare & Beauty brand.