Night Routine - Skin Care - Beauty Tips



You lead a busy life - between work, family, friends and the daily grind, your skin gets exposed to pollution, dirt and harsh weather conditions. At the end of the day, all you want to do is flop on your bed and get some much needed rest. But did you know, in time, all that harmful exposure during the day can cause premature ageing and damage your skin? To prevent this, you need to establish a night skin care routine that protects, cares and nourishes your skin. 

During the night, your skin actually absorbs the nutrients in your products better than during the daytime because there aren't environmental stressors at night (like environmental pollution and sun damage) while you sleep; products are able to better penetrate when you're not wearing makeup while you sleep and the skin can breathe.

In addition, your skin naturally repairs itself at night, your night routine should be all about treatment and giving your skin what it needs. I think it's so important to take care of your skin and pamper it before you go to bed. Check out these 5 steps for a simple night skin care routine:

Step 1 : Remove Your Makeup !

At Avenys, we're here to help you keep this process simple. You'll be good to go with just one refreshing wipe. Helps remove your make up and prevents build up.  

Its made to soothe and moisturize your skin too while you're at it because Avenys Express Make Up Remover is the World's First Make Up Remover Wipes to contain Hyaluronic Acid & Calendula Extract! How bout that eh? 

Our 3D textured wipes also helps you remove all that godforsaken make up (even waterproof) in a breeze. Its also super gentle. You won't experience any burning or stinging on your skin and in your eyes. We promise! 

Application :
Take One Wipe and use on face. Press on eye area and count to 5 before wiping away eye make up. Use more if needed.

Step 2 : Cleanse Your Face !


We formulated Avenys Ultra Rich Refining Cleanser that's very creamy, super gentle, packed with multivitamins (from astaxanthin) and soap-free just for you. 

The best thing about it is its safe and effective for all skin types. Packed with uh-mah-zingg active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Perfect for your skin pH balance maintenance and excellent in reducing excess oil production. Rose water creates a bacteria barrier, witch hazel to help combat acne, aloe vera to soothe your skin and uva ursi leaf to give you a brighter and clear as glass skin.

This unique and rich formulation will give you a luxuriously rich gentle cleanser that is perfect for your everyday use.

Application :
Wet face with water. Work Avenys Ultra Rich Refining Cleanser into a rich lather and gently massage onto face. Rise off. For external use only. Please avoid contact with eyes.

Step 3 : Tighten Your Pores !

Encapsulated Bergamot essential oil suspended in this weightless essence melt onto your skin delivering fresh botanicals to instantly hydrates and gives you exceptionally beautiful radiance looking skin. 

This is made for you make up lovers! AVENYS Rapid Lift Facial Essence. Natural sunscreen from Astaxanthin provides SPF 25++ UVA/UVB protection in a convenient spray bottle. 

You don't need to apply  sunscreen by hand anymore. A couple of sprays of Avenys Rapid Lift Facial Essence is all it takes and you are ready to go! 

Avenys uses a highly concentrated ingredient called Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis to help reduce your enlarged pores and Allantoin to stimulate skin cell regeneration to help heal, soothe, soften and protect your skin.

Application :
Apply Avenys Rapid Lift Facial Essence straight after you cleanse your face and dab dab dab until its fully absorbed into your skin. Spray Avenys Rapid Lift Facial Essence on your skin several times a day.

Step 4 : Reduce Pigmentation & Dark Spot Fix !

This Avenys TruBright Radiance Serum advanced formulation with innovative ingredients promises to minimize the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation on your skin. Free yourself with beautifully radiant skin.

Application :
Use on cleansed face after Avenys Rapid Lift Facial Essence. Apply 1-2 drops to entire face.



Step 5 : Moisture & Brighten up you skin !


You don't need a beauty filter when you opt for Avenys Luxurious Organic Cream. It will be effortlessly absorbed into the skin, providing intense moisture to brighten up your skin tone.

The Avenys Luxurious Organic Cream contains seriously active ingredients packed with rich nutrients to keep your skin super hydrated. It will combat dark spots and pigmentation from its roots to brighten and reveal your beautiful glowing skin. 

Apply Avenys Luxurious Organic Cream on cleansed skin and gently massage in an upwards motion.